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Time recorders and stamps

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Rejestrator czasu pracy Seiko Precision Z120

  • Print date&time for unlimited number of employees
  • 6 columns printing during the day
  • One-sided monthly work time cards

Rejestrator czasu pracy Seiko Precision QR-395

  • Unlimited number of prints per day
  • Unlimited printouts per days or calculation for up 100 employees

Rejestrator czasu pracy Seiko Precision QR7550

  • 6 print columns
  • The ability to transfer data from the recorder to a computer via USB

Datownik Seiko Precision TP-50

  • Quartz clock
  • Automatic printing in max. 2 lines
  • Saving printouts in memory
  • 4 years warranty

Akcesoria i materiały eksploatacyjne (seria QR i TP-20/TP-50)
Accessories and consumables (QR series and TP-20 / TP-50)

  • Display case for 25 time cards
  • Cards for recorders
  • Ribbons
  • Batteries