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  • Print date&time for unlimited number of employees
  • 6 columns printing during the day
  • One-sided monthly work time cards

Using the recorder is easy – after setting the time and billing period you can use the recorder immediately.

The new Z-120 recorder enables printing in 6 columns (three inputs / outputs which is equivalent to the registration of two breaks during the day) and has options such as printing a special sign for an unusual situation (eg employee delay).

  • Clear, easy to recognize printout
  • One-sided monthly cards Automatic insertion and ejection of cards
  • Automatic or manual change of the print column
  • Four settlement periods can be set: monthly, half-month, weekly and two-week.
  • Possibility to set a common and additional schedule for specific days of the week
  • Selection of 2 printing formats and hour display (12/24) and minutes printout (1/60 or 1/100), 6 print columns
  • Automatic change of summer / winter time
  • A special marker to indicate an unusual situation – an employee being late or an early exit from work
  • Program security – key and 4-digit password
  • Can be mounted on a table or wall
  • Large LCD display
  • Black printout
  • Optional: spare Ni-Cd battery to allow printing during power failure
Time recorder Z-120
Columns 6
Print color Black
Head Dot-matrix
Print format 6
Card One-sided card
Display LCD with backlight
Settlement period Monthly, half-month, weekly, two-week
Inserting and removing the card Fully automated
Change the print column Automatic according to program, manual
Minutes (printing) 1/60, 2/100
Hours (display / print) 12 / 24 hour
Language 6 (En, Fr, It, De, Sp, Pr)
Overprint Yes
Date change time Yes (within 24 hours)
Week program 24 steps for changing the print column, special marker, external signal
Security Lock and password
Change of time (summer / winter) Yes, automatic
Accuracy of the clock +/- 15 seconds or less at month
Memory Supply 3 years
Dimensions (w) x (h) x (d) 175 x 244 x 132 mm
Weight Approx. 1,6kg
  • Z120 – working time recorder
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