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Offset rolls

papier offsetowy Compart International provides also offset paper rolls. Cash rolls are made of high quality paper, which guarantees accurate printout and indefectible operation of the printer. As standard, there are rolls of paper without a copy in the weight of 60 g / m² and rolls with a copy of the so-called. self-copying (original printout + 1 copy) with a weight of 48-50 g/m².

The paper fits for dot matrix printers, among others for Star Micronics printers. We also offer paper in any size on request (rollers for individual orders). The rollers have a 25-year warranty on the durability of the recording and a 5-year warranty on the ability to copy.

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Offset roll Width Length External





(number of

pcs. box)

Offset rolls without copy
MM57X30 OFFSET 57 mm 30 m   12 mm  100
MM76X30 OFFSET 76 mm 30 m   12 mm  100
MM76/60 OFFSET 76 mm 60 m 72 mm  12 mm  40
Offset rolls with copy  (1+1)  
MM57X20 1+1 OFFSET 57 mm 20 m   12 mm   90
MM76X20 1+1 OFFSET 76 mm 20 m   12 mm   60
MM76X25 1+1 OFFSET 76 mm 25 m   12 mm   60
MM114X35 1+1 OFFSET 114 mm 35 m 80 mm 12 mm