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  • Quartz clock
  • Automatic printing in max. 2 lines
  • Saving printouts in memory
  • 4 years warranty

The print is activated by inserting a document into the device’s slot. The printer has a wide range of configurations: any edition of two printed lines automatically, setting the print location, selection of 29 different time formats, automatic change of time for summer / winter or automatic numbering on the printout and many others. The time stamp has an LCD display with information about the date, time and day of the week.

The user’s manual in Polish is provided together with the recorder.

You can configure the device settings using the software installed on your computer. To save the settings, you must use a USB flash drive.

Work time recorder TP-50
Print method 9 dot-matrix
Number of print lines Max 2 lines
Hours 12-hour or 24-hour mode
Seconds Yes
Display Graphic LCD display
Memory Up to 1022 printout
Language 7 (En, Sp, Ge, Fr, It, Po, numeric)
Security Lock, password
Additional memory 3 years (setting and print data)
Communication Via pendrive (USB 2.0)
Accuracy of the clock +/- 15 sek. or less per month
File type Imprint data: csv, settings data: txt
Backlight Ability to turn on / off
Wall mounting possible Yes
Dimensions 156 x 179 x 181 mm
Weight Approx. 1,9 kg


  • TP-50 – working time recorder
TP-50 Specyfikacja PL File download
TP-50 Datasheet ENG File download


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