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  • Width 57mm
  • Speed max. 90mm/s
  • Power supply 5V
  • Lifetime 50km

The printer is used in stationary and portable electronic cash registers, mobile terminals, measuring and telecommunications equipment.

It’s low power consumption on average 1.48 A (for 5V), a wide range of supply voltage from 4.2 V to 8.5 V, operating temperature range from 0 ° C to + 50 ° C and battery power supply dedicates the printer for use in portable devices.

An innovative solution for loading paper makes it easier to design the case and handle the printer.

Mechanism LTPA245
Print method Direct thermal
Resolution 8 dots / mm
Dots in line 384
Print speed 90mm/s
Paper width 57mm
Voltage 5V
Operating temperature 0°C – 50°C
MTBF 50km
Dimension 69.2 x 28.3 x 31.7
Weight Approx. 42g
  • LTPA245- Thermal print mechanism
LTPA245 datasheet ENG File download


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    • Designed for STP411B / STP411G mechanisms


    • Dot matrix mechanism
    • 24V bidirectional slip mechanism
    • MCBF 2.5 mln lines
    • Automatic paper positioning if STAR BD290 is used

    Mechanizm termiczny Seiko Instruments CAPD245

    • Width 57mm
    • Speed max. 100 mm/s
    • Power supply 5V
    • Lifetime 50km, 0.5 mln cuts