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  • Label feeder
  • Marker + tape

RHINO ™ 101 is the perfect solution for general labeling, cable marking and general applications, combining the reliability of RHINO ™ labels and the Sharpie® marker to achieve the best in class product “marker plus tape” type

  • The large window provides ample writing space
  • Moving labels with your thumb prevents smudging
  • Easy to carry thanks to the integrated belt clip and holder
  • An integrated solution for marking with a marker and tape
  • Built-in guillotine allows quick and easy cutting with one hand
  • Available interchangeable slip-in cartridges with labels in various sizes
  • Includes permanent RHINO ™ labels and a reliable Sharpie® permanent marker
  • Available with flexible nylon labels for general purpose markings or self-laminating labels for wire / cable markings
  • RHINO 101 – For basic signs
  • RHINO 101 – For marking cables and wires


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  • Print speed: 80mm
  • Interface RS232/Bluetooth


  • Designed for the mechanisms of the LTP9000 / CAP9000 series


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  • Paper width: 112mm
  • Interface RS232, Bluetooth, IrDA