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  • Rotable screen
  • 7″ display
  • Built-in 80mm printer
  • Print speed 300mm/s

The “All-in-One” Interactive Connected Peripheral in a compact package

At its heart is a powerful ARM processor that manages a 7” touch screen and 80mm printer. The AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated MSR, Barcode and NFC readers.

The AsuraCPRNT’s computing power offers the capability to display and deliver audio-visual messages on its own screen and external digital signage. The AsuraCPRNT also has the ability to drive applications and web content to other digital devices such as customers’ smart phones, merchant tablets and store kiosks. The AsuraCPRNT is a receipt, ticket and coupon printer as well as a fully programmable platform which can be used to run product advertising, retail merchandising, point-of-sale promotions and many more applications for retail and other industries.

The AsuraCPRNT has been optimised to support the connection of external peripherals such as a biometric scanner, 3G/4G dongle, WiFi, camera and many others. The AsuraCPRNT™ is so flexible it can fit into any infrastructure as a stand-alone Computer, Terminal or, indeed, Server with Thin Client capabilies.


  • Door Entry – Welcome / Vouchers / Special Offers / Cross Selling / Partner offers
  • Price Checker / Stock Checker / immediate Order system due to lack of stock or size etc. with loyalty card / mobile phone
  • Virtual Help desk  straight thru’ to customer services
  • Deli Counter – Queue Management – coupons, recipe ideas; Sandwiches / Pizza’s – calorie content etc (Subway)
  • High Value Area
  • Increase Impulsive Purchase opportunities
  • Help line
  • Product Information
  • Coupons
  • Stock
Kiosk Integrated multimedia kiosk with touch panel and AsuraCPRNT thermal printer
Touch panel 7” (800 x 480 pixeli), Resistive display LCD TFT, rotary
CPU ARM Cortex – A8 Core
Memory 256MB DDR2
Printer Thermal
Print method Direct thermal
Print speed 300 mm/s
Paper width 58 / 65 / 80mm
Roll diameter 83 mm maksimum
Paper thic 0.053-0.085 mm
Grey scale 8 / 16 / 32 lvl
Interface USB-Host x 4 (Typ A), USB-Divice x 1 (Typ B), Audio Line Out, MIC, 
Ethernet (100/10 Base T), Micro SDHC slot x 1 (do 32GB)
Peripheral Drive Circuit 2 circuit (24V max. 1A), 1 Compulsion input
Operating system Linux, Windows CE, Android
Dimension (W. x D. x H.) 180 mm x 162 mm x 380 mm
Kit Stand, setup guide, paper adapter 58/65mm
Options Magnetic card reader, barcode reader 2D/QR, NFC
  • AsuraCPRNT – multimedia kiosk


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    • 2.83” display
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    • Paper width 57 mm
    • Print speed 90 mm/sek
    • Roll max. diameter 83mm
    • Interface to choose: RS232, USB