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  • Dot matrix printer
  • Width 57, 76 mm
  • Speed 7.5 lines/s
  • Interface to choose: RS232, Centronics, USB, Ethernet

High speed 9-pin, 76mm width POS receipt printer. The new, logic seeking SP500 Series offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio unmatched by any other manufacturer.

The SP500 is a series of reliable dot matrix printers, designed for printing text and graphics on a continuous 58mm or 76mm paper. The printers allow you to print the original and up to two copies of the document or print on the tickets. They can print in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Easy paper loading, very fast (7.5 lines / sec), two-way printing and an automatic cutter, predestines SP500 series printers for use in high-tech document printing systems. Printers are equipped with user-accessible 8 Mbit Flash memory.

Receipt printers from the SP500 series are compatible with the STAR and ECS / POS standard and communicate with the computer via a removable serial (RS232C) or parallel (Centronics) interface. Optionally, the printers can be equipped with an additional paper sensor (Near Paper End), a copy retractor, wall mounting components and an alarm buzzer.

SP500 needle printers are used in POS systems, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and hotels, and kiosk version in information kiosks. Supplied with the printer, we supply a dye tape.


  • High speed, logic seeking, 9-pin quality matrix printer – up to 7.5 lps
  • NEW non-interface version available for Ethernet and USB usage (IF-BDHE04 & IF-BDHU04 – same as TSP600)
  • Competitively priced with unmatched feature per cost ratio
  • “Drop-In & Insert” paper loading facility
  • Adjustable 58 or 76mm paper widths
  • Quality ticket output on media up to 0.10mm with 6 position Black Mark Sensor
  • Spill-proof / Hygienic design for bar / kitchen environments with cable and power switch covers
  • Space saving vertical or horizontal operation
  • Wall mount option
  • Internal universal power supply
  • Journal / Rewind option (must be fitted by supplier)

Compact footprint with internal power supply and vertical operation

Typical Applications:

  • Point of Sale
  • Ticketing
  • Hospitality
  • Fiscal
  • Kiosk (requires local module)
Printer SP500
Print method
9 dots matrix printer
Print direction
Charcters in line 40, 42, 35 for paper 76mm
30, 32, 28 for paper 58mm
Matrix 7 dots x 9 dots, 5 dots x 9 dots
Print speed 7.5 lines / s for 16 columns, 4 lines /s for42 columns
Paper width 58mm lub 76mm
Number of copys Orginal + 2 copys
Tickets thickness 0.10mm or 100g/m2
Interface RS 232, or parallel 8 bit
Emulation Star, ECS/ POS
Drivers Windows, Linux, OPOS, JavaPOS
Paper sensor NPE sensor (Option),  6 position marker sensor
MCBF 22 milion lines
Cutter life 300.000 cuts
Dimensions (W x D x H) 140 mm x 225 mm x 163 mm
Weight 2.0 kg
Housing color Beinge or graphite
Operating conditions
0 0C – 40 0C
Storage conditions
-20 0C – 60 0C
Ribbon RC-200P/B (purple or black)
Power supply Internal
  • SP512 – dot-matrix receipt printer; interface RS232
  • SP542 – dot-matrix receipt printer with cutter; interace RS232
  • SP512MD – dot-matrix receipt printer; interface RS232
  • SP542MD – dot-matrix receipt printer z with cutter; interface RS232
  • SP512MC – dot-matrix receipt printer; interface Centronics
  • SP542MC – dot-matrix receipt printer with cutter; interface Centronics
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