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  • Calculation of working time for 50 employees
  • Automatic printing Unlimited
  • IN / OUT print during the day
  • Automatic entry and ejection of time cards
  • The calendar is programmed continuously up to 2099 with automatic indication of the current day, month and year
  • Possibility to choose 3 periods: monthly, weekly or biweekly
  • Automatic correction for daylight saving time / winter time
  • Built-in lithium battery for five years of data protection
  • It settles the time and prints the difference between the input / output printouts
  • During the week it is possible to set 2 types of different daily statements
  • A special sign “!” for recognizing an unusual situation
  • Automatic differentiation between the reverse side and the obverse of the encoded card
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Color of the ink cartridge: purple
  • Memory capacity: 50 cards maximum
  • Optional: spare Ni-Cd battery for maintaining time settings and allowing printing during power failure
Work time recorder QR-375
Clock Digital (date and time)
Accuracy of the clock ±15 sec. monthly
Print method Dot-matrix with ribbon cassette
Power 120VAC or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimension  (width x high x depth) 160 x 205 x 128 mm
Weight Approx. 1,5 kg
  • QR-375 – work time recorder
QR-375 Specyfikacja PL File download


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