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  • Proximity cards used
  • Communication via web browser
  • Registration via Smart cards, RFID transponders, finger prints or employee code
  • Up to 20 IN/OUT per day

Along with the recorder, identification cards and card containers are offered. Optionally, the recorder is available with a fingerprint reader (instead of an RFID reader).


  • There is no need to install software, as communication with the recorder is via a web browser. Entry and exit times can be viewed in real-time “online”
    Inputs / Outputs can be registered using smart cards, RFID transponders, fingerprint readings or entering an employee code
  • Pre-installed week program; more programs can be created using the Weekly Assistant
  • Maximum of 20 entries and exits during the day (per employee)
  • Storage of recorded data for a maximum of 2 months
  • Absence Manager – the ability to define up to 20 different reasons for absence
  • 2 relays for controlling the opening systems
  • The device is ready for operation immediately after connecting the power supply

The ZWS recorder is ready to work immediately after connecting the power supply. There is no need to install additional software. Communication with the recorder takes place via a web browser. After the creation of employee profiles, the terminal can begin to receive input / output data.

Each employee can see their entry and exit times on the display. Lateness, violations of basic periods and missing records are displayed in red.


All stored entry and exit records can be exported for accounting purposes in csv format. Creating printouts of analyzes and employee time reports is intuitive.


The recorder is available in two versions – with a proximity card reader (RFID) or a fingerprint reader (biometric)

Employee cards:

The recorder accepts employee cards in the form of RFID transponders or smart cards. Optionally, smart cards can be personalized.


The use of the recorder software is billed every week thanks to the license points. The prepaid license card contains a license number that allows you to activate the software. The total cost depends on the number of employees, and the license for 5 employees is included in the price of the registrar.


Container for 24 cards. It is made of impact-resistant plastic in white. Each container contains 64 self-adhesive labels for describing names or numbers of employees

Work time recorder ZWS
System Web browser Internet Explorer (wersja 10,11), Google Chrome (do wersji 33), Mozilla Firefox (version 25.x, 26.x, 27.x) etc.
Language German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish (under preparation)
Licencje The use of online software is billed on a weekly basis based on a license card based on a prepaid license card
Display 3,5“ TFT
Power 100 – 240 V – 50/60 Hz / power supply 12 VDC, 1,5 A
option: flush-mounted power supply O 54 mm, 12 VDC, 1,5 A
Relations 2 relays(max 30 VDC, 1 A); voltage supply required
Synchronization Synchronized via NTP (Network Time Protocol) with the possibility of setting up to 2 NTP servers. (normally set 1 server NTP:
Working conditions 0 to 42°C, 20 – 80 % HR
Network connection TCP/IP, 10/100 MBit Ethernet
Dimensions (W x H x D) 205 x 145 x 47 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
Level of security IP 20, Class II protection / protective insulation
Reader RFID 125 kHz, EM4012 / Crosspoint
Biometric reader Identification less than 2 seconds
  • ZWS – work time recorder
ZWS Specyfikacja PL File download
Datasheet ZWS ENG File download


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