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  • Thermal Printer
  • Paper width 112mm
  • One of: RS232C, RS485, current loop 20mA

The Mefka PDT printer is the same as Kafka except the housing, weight and dimentions. The housing is made of metal with decreased paper outlet. The pollutions of mechanism are limited and therefore the lifetime of the printer is extended. Printer is designed to work under industrial, dusty conditions.


Mefka PDT R is the version of Mefka PDT designed to operate in vertical position: paper moves out to bottom, the position of printed lines is different, metal frame is added in order to mount the printer to wall. Every new printed line is positioned above the previously printed one. Therefore the printout is to be read from bottom to top. This is vital when used in constant control systems or security monitoring.


Layout is the same as basic Mefka PDT printer. The printers differ by the software. Full graphic printout can be achieved by the creation of characters using 9×12 and 18×24 dot matrix. Mefka PDT SQ emulates Epson EX-800 printer. By installing EX-800 driver and using Mefka PDT SQ sophisticated printout can be obtained.

Printer MEFKA
Print method Bi-directional thermal print moves with an 8-point printhead character construction: matrix 8 x 8 points
Print speed  0,75 lines/s
Characters in line 40, 80
Character set One of: IBM set 2, Mazovia, DHN, Latin-2 PC, Cyrylica, Latin-2 ISO
Thermal paper Width 112 mm, max. diameter 42 mm, paper lenght 20 m
Power 8,5V – 14V DC lub 7V – 10V AC 50Hz, power consumption: 3W – 15W (max.), power connector: typ Jack 2.1, power supply: 220V / 9V AC 1,5A 50 Hz
Interface One of: RS232C, RS485, current loop 20mA
(5 contact type DIN)
Transmission parameters Transmission rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bd (other on request), transmission protocol: hardware with DTR data format: 8 or 7 bits, with or without a parity check bit, parity: even or odd
Lifespan MTBF: 5000 hours; MCBF: 500 000 lines
Working conditions Working temperature: 5°C – 35°C, humidity: 10% – 80% (non-condensing)
Dimension 180 x 155 x 50 mm
Weight 0,80 kG (without roll)
Marking the printer with a character set MEFKA PDT – IBM set 2, Kit
MEFKA PDT – 1 – Mazovia Kit
MEFKA PDT – 3 – Latin – 2 PC Kit
MEFKA PDT – 4 – Cyrylica Kit
MEFKA PDT – 5 – Latin – 2 ISO Kit
Kit Printer, external power supply, DIN 5 plug or D-SUB 9 or cable (order), thermal paper roll, user manual and warranty
  • Mefka PDT
  • Mefka PDT/R
  • Mefka PD SQ
MEFKA PDT Specyfikacja PL


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