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  • Thermal printer
  • Paper width 112mm
  • Interface RS232C, RS242, RS422A, current loop 20mA 

Kafka prints alphabetic characters and simple graphic. This printer is used with electronic scales, digital telephones switchboards, laboratory equipment.


  • small dimentions
  • small power consumption
  • quiet operation
  • DC or AC power adapter
  • simplicity of usage


The printer is the same as basic Kafka with additional realtime clock. It can print date and time. This printer is used with electronic scales, medical and laboratory equipment.


Kafka R is the version of Kafka designed to operate in vertical position: paper moves out to bottom, the position of printed lines is different, metal frame is added in order to mount the printer to wall. Every new printed line is positioned above the previously printed one. Therefore the printout is to be read from bottom to top. This is vital when used in constant control systems or security monitoring.


Kafka R/Z is the combination of Kafka R and Kafka Z. The printer is designed to operate in vertical position with additional realtime clock.


Layout is the same as basic Kafka printer. The printers differ by the software. Full graphic printout can be achieved by the creation of characters using 9×12 dot matrix. Kafka SQ emulates Epson EX-800 printer. By installing EX-800 driver and using Kafka SQ sophisticated printout can be obtained.


Kafka SQ S is an intelligent thermal printer used with electronic scales. It has 2 operating modes:

– processing and printing date received from electronic scales
– printing text and graphic as in Kafka SQ
– printer processes and prints data received from measurement device
– printer can automatically print data
– a subsequent number might be added as suffix before the measurement printout
– actual time could be printed with each measurement (hour, minute, second)
– when first measurement is to be done as well as with every subsequent hour the actual date is printed
– printer can store values of each measurement in memory in order to perform statistical analysis later
– in the case of an error the last measurement could be erased
– data recording suspension state could be selected in order to run various operations ie.: Report, New serie, Continuation. It is possible to print non measurement data (ie: calibration report)
– statistical report using recorded measurements could be selected
– report could be printed any amount of times and at any time
– when statistical functions are suspended or amount of measurements is less than 2 only the amount of measurements and total of them are printed
– after a report is printed the recording and printing of the current series could be continued
– stored data of current series could be erased

The maximum amount of measurements in order to perform statistical analysis amounts to 1000.

KAFKA SQ Portable

KAFKA SQ with added battery (650 mAh) and carrying case. Printer with fully charged battery prints 20m paper (6400 lines).

Printer Kafka
Print method Direct thermal
Print speed 0,75 line/s
Characters in line 80
Paper width 112mm
Power supply 8,5V – 14V DC lub 7V – 10V AC 50Hz
Interface One of: RS232C, RS242 (TTL), RS422A (RS485), current loop 20mA (CL)
Interface connector 5 contact type DIN
Lifespan 5000 hours or 500000 lines
Operation conditions 5°C – 35°C 10% – 80% (non-condensing)
Dimension 165 x 140 x 50 mm
Weight 0,45 kg (without paper roll)
Kit Printer, external power supply, interface plug or cable (w / g orders), thermal paper roll, instruction manual and warranty
  • Kafka – universal thermal printer
Datasheet Kafka ENG File download


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