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  • Width 57mm
  • Speed max. 200mm/s
  • Power supply 24V
  • Lifetime 100km, 1 mln cuts

Compact thermal mechanism from the CAPD series. Small dimensions and weight, cutter, high printing speed (200mm / s) makes the mechanism suitable for many applications.

The mechanism is characterized by paper width – 58mm, power supply voltage – 24V easy paper loading (EZOP) and built-in cutter. CAPD mechanisms are ideally suited for use in information kiosks, parking meters and sales terminals.

Mechanism CAPD247
Print method Direct thermal
Resolution 8 dots / mm
Dots in line 432
Print speed 200mm/s
Paper width 57mm
Volatage 24V
Operating temperature -5°C – 50°C
MTBF 100km
Dimension 83.1×35.4×26.9
Weight Approx. 131g
  • CAPD247- Thermal print mechanism
  • CAPD347- Thermal print mechanism
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    • Width 57, 60, 80, 83mm
    • Speed max. 300mm/s
    • Power supply 24V
    • Lifetime max 200km, max 2 mln cuts


    • Width 57mm
    • Speed max. 90mm/s
    • Power supply 5V
    • Lifetime 50km

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