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  • Width 60mm
  • Speed max. 250mm/s
  • Power supply 24V
  • Lifetime 150km, 1 mln cuts
  • Wide operating temperature range

Integrated printing mechanism with built-in automatic cutter. Small dimensions, high reliability and speed make these mechanisms can be used in many demanding applications.

The mechanism is characterized above all by a very high printing speed (250 mm / sec max) and high reliability of both the printing mechanism (150 km) and the cutter (1 million cuts).

Working in an extended range of temperatures is an additional advantage of the new mechanism. The mechanism prints on paper of different basis weight, it can use rolls with a large external diameter.

The mechanism is mainly used in information kiosks, parking meters and sales terminals. Prints on heat-sensitive paper, including paper with copy.

Mechanism CAP9247 CAP9347 LTP9247 LTP9347
Print method Direct thermal
Resolution 8 dots / mm
Dots in line 448 640 448 640
Print speed 250mm/s
Paper width 57mm 80mm 57mm 80mm
Voltage 24V
Operating temperature -20°C – 60°C
MTBF 150km
Dimension 89.5 x 50.0 x 30.0 112.0 x 50.0 x 30.0 88.8 x 50.0 x 29.7 111.25 x 50.0 x 29.7
Weight Approx. 240g Approx. 290g Approx.150g Approx. 180g
  • CAP9247- Thermal print mechanism
  • CAP9347- Thermal print mechanism
  • LTP9247- Thermal print mechanism
  • LTP9347- Thermal print mechanism
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