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  • Dot+matrix printer
  • Print speed: 2.5 lines/s
  • Interface RS232 or Centronix

Fast (2.5 lines / sec), bidirectional printing and an automatic cutter, it predestines SP200 series printers for use in high-tech document printing systems. The printers are equipped with semi-automatic paper loading and cash register operation. Communicate with the computer via a serial (RS232C) or parallel (Centronics) interface.

Printers are used in POS systems, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, hotels and dry cleaners. Complete with the printer, we provide a dye tape and documentation in Polish.

Printer SP200
Print method Dot-matrix 7 pin
Printing direction two-way
Characters in line 42, 35
Character matrix 7 dots x 7 dots, 9 dots x 7 dots
Print speed 2.5 lines/s
Paper width 76 mm
Roll diameter 85 mm max.
Number of copies Orginal and 2 copys
Interface RS 232, or parallel 8 bits
Drivers Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS
MTBF 9 milion lines
Cutter life 300.000 cuts
Dimension (width x depth x high)
SP212/216 158 mm x 234 mm x 193 mm
SP242/246 158 mm x 239 mm x 193 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Housing colour Beige or graphite
Temperatura pracy 0C – 50 0C
Temperatura składowania 20 0C – 70 0C
Ribbon RC-200P (violet), RC-200BR( black-red)

RC-200D (for dry cleaners)
Power adapter Interial
  • SP212 – Basic
  • SP216 – Basic, two-color
  • SP242 – With auto cutter
  • SP246 – With auto cutter, two-color
SP200 datasheet ENG File download


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