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RHINO 5200

RHINO 5200

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  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Max width labels 19mm
  • Resolution 180 dpi
  • Keyboard ABC

Dymo RHINO 5000 Thermal Label Printer
Sign your work with the best portable labelling tool for datacom, electrical and MRO professionals. More than a tool – it’s an advanced labelling system that provides sturdy dependability and lightweight comfort with an array of features you won’t find anywhere else.

Inside its tough rubber bumper, RHINO 5000 offers awesome “hot keys” that automatically format labels for wires and cables, electrical modules, electrical components and patch panels, a large backlit display, and many other carefully designed features that help you zip your way through label-intense installations and leave a great impression behind.

Features & Benefits

  • Smearproof durable thermal transfer printing
  • Quick Access Keys for : Wire/cable marking: A made-to-measure wire/cable marker by entering the diameter
  • Quick Access Keys for : Patchpanel marking: Enter the port distance of your patchpanel and make 1 label to cover all ports. Text is evenly spaced between the connection points
  • Quick Access Keys for : Module marking: 1 label that fits exactly with the total number of different modular components on a DIN-rail
  • Quick Access Keys for : Fixed length : a label with the correct size that fits exactly onto an outlet or electrical component
  • Vertical printing
  • Serialization : alphanumeric
  • Includes commonly used electrical and datacom symbols : ohm, ground, phone, data, fax
  • Prints barcode 39 and code 128
  • 8 memory locations to store most common text/words
  • Easy to adjust font sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Durable rubber bumper provides extra protection
  • Selection of 16 languages: international characters included
  • Backlit display
  • Prints on 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm industrial RHINO tapes
Printer Rhino 5000
Display LCD, 2 lines
Keyboard  ABC
Resolution  180
Weight 519g
Dimension 70mm/ 114mm/ 212mm
Operating temperature  4-40oC
Storage temperature  0-90oC
  • RHINO 5000 – mobile label printer
RHINO 5000 Datasheet ENG File download


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