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MC Print 2

MC Print 2

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  • Compact thermal printer
  • Width ~ 58 mm
  • Speed 100 mm/s
  • Unique receipt decurl function for flat receipts plus paper end sensor
  • Up to 5 interfaces, Ethernet, USB, Lightning USB with unique SteadyLAN™ Technology, Bluetooth, Star CloudPRNT™
  • 2 x USB host ports with multiple peripheral hub functionality
  • Housing only 96 x 113 x 100mm

Combining sophistication with high functionality, Star’s mC-Print2™ and mC-Print3™ printers, part of Star’s new mCollection, have been designed to aesthetically match the sleek, modern design of tomorrow’s retail and hospitality environments.

The super-compact, front-feed printers offer high quality printing and exceptional functionality with up to 5 interfaces including Star CloudPRNT as well as hub functionality, controlling select USB peripherals attached to the printer including Cash Drawer, Scanner and Customer Display.

The mC-Print2 is a compact, high quality and versatile solution ideal for businesses operating traditional PC POS systems as well as those migrating to tablet and web-based POS.


Reliable Network Access for Tablet POS
Star’s unique SteadyLAN patent pending technology is the market’s first POS printer solution to provide control of the printer and attached peripherals as well as Ethernet provision to tablets and mobile devices via the wired Ethernet port of the printer.

Simply by connecting a tablet to the mC-Print printer via the standard supplied USB cable and connecting the printer to the internet via a Wired LAN connection, the tablet is able to connect to the internet without WiFi communication. At the same time, the tablet can communicate with the printer via USB or LAN and the printer will also charge the tablet

For locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, this new technology is a world first, providing the stability of a cabled LAN connection for tablet POS systems.

SteadyLAN is available on the following mC-Print models: mCP21LB, mCP31L, and mCP31LB.

Star CloudPRNT™ 

Star CloudPRNT provides intelligent printing from a web server from any network to Star printers anywhere in the world without the need for a local POS teminal enabling unparalleled flexibility for remote receipt and remote order printing using a standard receipt printer.

All of the mC-Print series is Cloud-ready. The MCP20 offers entry-level Cloud Printing with USB and LAN interface.  The MCP21LB offers Cloud Printing and features 2 additional USB host ports for local or Cloud based peripheral control.

MC Print2
Print method
Direct thermal
203 dpi, 8 dots / mm
Print speed
Max. 100 mm/s
Paper width
58 mm
Max outer roll diameter
Max. 50mm
Paper thick
0.053 – 0.075 mm
Autocutter  – full or partial
MCP20 model: Dual USB / Ethernet, Star CloudPRNT
MCP21 model: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Lightning USB, Star CloudPRNT i Hub 
Sensors End of paper, cover opening sensor
60 mln lines, cutter – 2 mln cuts
Dimension (W x D x H)
96 x 113 x 100 mm
Black or white
Power supply



Print, compact power adapter, power cable, user manual


1D, 2D scanner, cash drawer, SCD222 customer display, cable cover, kitchen bell

  • MCP20 WT E+U – mC-Print2 2″ /58mm, white, interface Dual LAN & USB, Star CloudPRNT, cutter, EU & UK version, PC60 power supply
  • MCP20 BK E+U – mC-Print2 2″ /58mm, black, interface Dual LAN & USB, Star CloudPRNT, cutter, EU & UK version, PC60 power supply
  • MCP21 LB WT E+U – mC-Print2 2″ /58mm, white, interface: LAN, USB, Bluetooth, iOS USB “Data & Charge”, Star CloudPRNT, Hub with 2 ports, cutter, EU & UK version, PC60 power supply
  • MCP21 LB BK E+U – mC-Print2 2″ /58mm, black, interface: LAN, USB, Bluetooth, iOS USB “Data & Charge”, Star CloudPRNT, Hub with 2 ports, cutter,EU & UK version, PC60 power supply
MC Print2 datasheet ENG File download


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