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LetraTag tapes

LetraTag tapes

LetraTag tapes

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  • Thermal label
  • 12mm width
  • Destiny: label printers Dymo Letratag

LetraTag tape

These tapes are designed for the convenience of users of both LetraTag models. They are suitable for ordering in the basement, garage, kitchen or office. They are available in many styles, colors, and can be glued on numerous surfaces.

LetraTAG paper tape – Tapes made of glossy paper with a width of 12 mm are easy to separate and cut, and thanks to the cassettes, which can be changed quickly, labeling is even faster. LetraTAG paper tape is the most cost-effective solution for most applications anywhere in the home.

LetraTAG Colorful polyester tape – Multi-colored, tear-resistant and easy-to-use – these DYMO plastic tapes give your surroundings a sparkle every day.

LetraTAG for ironing – No more sewing labels for clothes, towels and bags. Just print the label and iron it directly on the fabric.

LetraTAG metalic tape – These 12mm shiny tapes are decorative and durable. A great solution when you want to make labels on anything at home.

Consumer tapes for home printers Dymo LetraTag

Symbol Name Tape dimension Pcs. in pack Colour
S0721500 DYMO LetraTag tape, paper, white 12mm x 4m 1 White (paper)
S0721780 DYMO LetraTag tape, paper, plastic, metalic – 3 roll 12mm x 4m 3 White (paper), yellow (plastic), silver (metalic)
S0721540 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, transparent 12mm x 4m 1 Transparent (plastic)
S0721560 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, white 12mm x 4m 1 White (plastic)
S0721570 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, yellow 12mm x 4m 1 Yellow (plastic)
S0721580 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, red 12mm x 4m 1 Red (plastic)
S0721590 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, green 12mm x 4m 1 Green (plastic)
S0721600 DYMO LetraTag tape plastic, blue 12mm x 4m 1 Blue (plastic)
S0721710 DYMO LetraTag tape metalic, silver 12mm x 4m 1 Silver (metalic)
S0721720 DYMO LetraTag tape metalic, green 12mm x 4m 1 Green (metalic)
S0718860 DYMO LetraTag tape metalic, white 12mm x 2m 1 White (for ironing into fabric)



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