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LabelWriter labels

LabelWriter labels

LabelWriter labels

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  • Thermal labels
  • Many sizes
  • Width max. 59mm
  • Destination: LabelWriter printer

Thermal labels for Dymo LabelWriter thermal printers

These easy-to-separate labels guarantee the maximum performance of LabelWriter devices. They have a number of applications, they are perfect, among others as address labels, small labels that can be used for several purposes, universal labels, labels for data carriers, and mailing labels.

A wide range of labels, in various sizes and colors, dedicated to many applications, respond to the highest demands of customers.

 Name Label dimension Labels on roll Pcs. in pack Colour Zastosowanie
DYMO 99010 28X89 28x89mm  130szt.  2 White Address
DYMO 99011 28X89 COLOR 28x89mm 130szt.  4 Yellow, pink,
blue and green
DYMO 99012 36X89 2R 36x89mm 260szt.  2 White Address
DYMO 99013 36X89 TRANSPARENT 36x89mm 260szt.  1 Transparent Address
DYMO 99014 54X101 54x101mm 320szt. 1 White Mail order, on name badges
DYMO 99015 54X70 54x70mm 220szt. 1 White Floppy disk
DYMO 99016 19X147 2R 19x147mm 150szt. 2 White For video cassettes
DYMO 99017 12X50 12x50mm 220szt. 1 White For suspended files
DYMO 99018 38X190 38x190mm 110szt. 1 White For a small file
DYMO 99019 59X190 59x190mm 110szt. 1 White For a large file
DYMO 11352 25X54 25x54mm 500szt. 1 White


DYMO 11353 12X24  DOUBLE 12x24mm 1000szt. 1 White Double universal
DYMO 11354 32X57 32x57mm 1000szt. 1 White Universal
DYMO 11355 19X51 19x51mm 500szt. 1 White Universal
DYMO 11356 41X89 41x89mm 500szt. 1 White Universal
DYMO 13186  54X101 BOX 54x101mm 320szt. 12 White Mail order, on name badges
DYMO 13187 36X89 BOX 36x89mm 260szt. 24 White Universal
DYMO 13188 28X89 BOX 28x89mm 130szt. 24 White Universal
DYMO 14681 57MM ROUND 59mm 160szt. 1 White Round for CD/DVD


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