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Ink ribbons

Ink ribbons

Ink ribbons

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  • For Star Micronics dot matrix printers

Ink ribbons for SP212 / SP2000 / SP512 / SP542 needle printers Star Micronics (for dry cleaners). SP298 / SCP700 / SP200 / 2000, SP216 (black and red).

Please familiarize yourself with the types of tapes in the “Models” tab

  • RC2000D LDRY Ribbon for SP212/SP2000/SP512/SP542 (laundry)
  • RC200BR Ribbon for SP216/SP2000 (Red-Black)
  • RC200B Ribbon for SP212/SP298/SP2000/SP512/SP542,SCP700,SP200 Printers (Black)
  • RC700B Ribbon for SP700 Printers (Black)
  • RC700BR Ribbon for SP700 Printers (Red-Black)
  • SF-03B Ribbon DP8340 Printers (Black)
  • SF-03BR Ribbon DP8340 Printers (Red-Black)


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