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  • Designed for STP411B / STP411G mechanisms

The IF411B / G interface is used to control the Seiko Instruments STP411B and STP411G mechanisms.

The interface supports printing of 40 standard characters, 80 condensed characters, 20 double-width characters, bolded and overwritten characters as well as printing of full graphics.

By using the potentiometer You can change the print density by ± 20%.

IF411B / G has the same functions, dimensions and support for most IF4112-GCB commands.


See also

Mechanizm termiczny Seiko Instruments LTPG247

  • Paper width: 57mm
  • Print speed Max. 150 mm/s
  • Power 24V
  • MTBF 100km

Mechanizm termiczny Seiko Instruments CAPD245

  • Width 57mm
  • Speed max. 100 mm/s
  • Power supply 5V
  • Lifetime 50km, 0.5 mln cuts


  • Width 57mm
  • Speed max. 75mm/s
  • Power supply 5V
  • Lifetime 50km
  • Wide operating temperature range