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  • Dot matrix slip type printer
  • Width min. 69 mm
  • Speed 3.1 lines/s
  • Interface RS232 or Centronix

Highly reliable, compact slip printer ideal for printing “company branded” pre-printed multi-part slips / forms. SP298 features AutoSide Loading™ for simple and accurate paper loading.

SP298 enables precise printing on the desired fields, consisting of the original and up to two copies of the document.

The automatic document loading, very fast two-way printing and the choice of the page of the document’s extension, predestine SP298 series printers for use in high-tech document printing systems.

The printers are compatible with the EPSON TM295 standard and the ECS/POS command set. Communicate with the computer via a serial (RS232C) or parallel (Centronics) interface.

Printers are used in POS systems, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and hotels, and wherever printing is required on forms and documents. Supplied with the printer, we supply a dye tape.

  • Rugged bi-directional printer capable of graphics using a highly reliable 9-pin print head
  • Up to 3.1 lines per second with bi-directional cheque mode
  • High reliability with helix head drive 9 million lines Calculated Real Time MCBF / 2.5 million lines Traditional
  • Epson TM-U295 compatible with same size footprint and interchangeable power supply

Typical Applications

Ideal for printing ‘company branded’ pre-printed multi-part slips / forms

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • POS
  • Pharmacy Printer

Unique AutoSide LoadingTM

The printer features unique paper AutoSide Loading making document loading quick, easy and reliable. The user can simply introduce a form into the side of the station and the printer performs automatic document clamping, instant top of form alignment, fast printing and selectable forward or reverse document eject.

Printer SP298
Print method
Dots in line 210
Characters in line 42 (7×9), 35 (5×9)
Matrix 7 dots x 9 dots, 5 dots x 9 dots
Print width 69 mm/80mm (minimum)
Print speed 3.1 lines / s
Paper width 76 mm
Number of copys Oryginal + 2 copy
Interfeace RS 232, lub parallel 8 bit
Emulation Star, ECS/ POS (TM295)
Drivers Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS
Paper sensor  Beginning (TOF) and end of paper (BOF)
MCBF 9 milion lines
Dimensions (W x D x H) 160mm x 253 mm x 173 mm
Weight 1.95 kg
Housing color Beige or graphite
Operating conditions
00C – 400C
Storage conditions
-200C – 600C
Ribbon SP2320/2520: RC-200P/B (purple or black) SP2360/2560: RC-200BR (black and red)
Power supply PS60L
  • SP298MD – dot-matrix thelmal receipt printer; slip type; interface RS232C
  • SP298MC – dot-matrix thermal receipt printer; slip type; interface Centronics
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