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  • Dot matrix printer
  • Width 114.3 mm
  • Speed 2 lines/s
  • Interface RS232 or Centronix

Unique 114mm wide report, receipt and data printer available for 12V or 24V usage in mobile, rugged or unattended environments. 230V power supply is available as option.

The DP8340 is a series of reliable dot matrix printers, designed for printing text and graphics on a continuous tape with a width of 114.3mm. Printers allow you to print the original and one copy of a document, as well as to print on label paper.

Fast (2 lines / sec), bidirectional printing predestines DP8340 mobile printers for use in high-tech document printing systems. They can be used in mobile systems because they are powered by 12V.

The printers print in black and red using a two-color ribbon. They can be equipped with tractors for transporting paper with perforation.

Dot matrix printers DP8340 communicate with the computer via a removable serial interface (RS232C) or 20 mA current and parallel loop (Centronics). Optionally, the printers can be equipped with wall mounting elements and a car power cable.

  • Reliable budget entry level printer with tear bar
  • Up to 2 lines per second with a paper feed speed of 12 lps
  • Black and red printing
  • Separate 230v AC power supply with 12v DC output
  • Wall mount option available

Typical Applications

  • Receipt Printer
  • Record Printer Data logging, Measuring equipment
  • Mobile Printing 12 volt applications
  • Label Printing Sprocket Version
  • Graphics Version Details upon request
Printer DP8340
Print method
9 dots matrix printer
Print direction Two-way
Characters in line 40, 48, 60 (option)
Character matrix 5 dots x 9 dots, 6 dotsx 6 dots
6 dotsx 6 dots (graphic mode))
Print speed 2 lines/ s
Print width 84.3 mm
Paper width 114.3 mm
Outer diameter roll 80mm max
Number of copy Original + 1 copy
Interface RS 232, 20 mA Loop or Parallel 8 bits
Draivers Windows, OPOS, JavaPOS
MCBF 10 milion lines
Dimensions (W x D x H) 202 mm x 200 mm x 98 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Housing color Beige
Operating conditions
5 0 C – 40 0 C
Storage conditions
-20 0 C – 70 0 C
Ribbon SF-03BR (black-red)
SF-03B (black)
Power supply PS8340
  • DP8340FD – dot matrix printer; standard paper handling; interface RS232
  • DP8340FC – dot matrix printer; standard paper handling; interface Centronix
  • DP8340SD – dot matrix printer; Sprocket paper handling type; interface RS232
  • DP8340SC – dot matrix printer; Sprocket paper handling type; interface Centronix
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