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  • High performance, 9 pin head with graphic printing capability
  • Speed max. 4 lines per second
  • 58-76mm width range
  • Tear bar available
  • 6 position black mark sensor or paper end sensor, second black mark sensor optional
  • High reliability MCBF 9 mln linii
  • MP512N platenless version available

MP500 Series High Performance Dot Matrix Mechanisms

This series of newly designed logic seeking POS ECR mechanisms must be the fastest and most reliable units available today, with black mark / paper end sensors as well as adjustable paper width.

  • High performance, logic seeking 9-pin mechanisms with full graphics capability.
  • MP500 – up to 4 lines per second
  • Fully adjustable paper width MP500 – 76 mm / 58 mm
  • Built-in tear bar with serrated edge.
  • 6 position black mark or paper end sensor as standard – optional 2nd sensor available for surface or reverse blackmark sensing.
  • VERY HIGH RELIABILITY – 9 million lines MCBD.
  • MP512N platenless version available.
Print MP500
Print speed 4LPS/42 columns 8LPS/16 column
Paper width 57mm, 80mm
Resolution 210 dots/line
Characters in lines 42, 30
Lifespan 22 miliony lines (MCBF)
Copy Orginal + 2 copy
Power 24V
Memory 4KB
  • MP512 – needle mechanism
  • MP512N – needle mechanism; without the roller
  • MP542 – needle mechanism; autocutter
MP500 Datasheet ENG File download


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Mechanizm termiczny Seiko Instruments LTP02-245

  • Width 57mm
  • Speed max. 100mm/s
  • Power supply 5V
  • Lifetime 50km
  • Compact design


  • Width 80mm
  • Speed max. 200mm/s
  • Power supply 24V
  • Lifetime 100km, 1 mln cuts

Mechanizm termiczny Seiko Instruments LTPV445

  • Width 112mm
  • Speed max. 85mm/s
  • Power supply 5V
  • Lifetime 50km